Sunday, 7 August 2016

Swift Bag et al

Last fall, Jen1 and I went fabric shopping and she bought a couple of kitty cat themed fabrics so I could make her a bag for her swift.

I agonized over what design it should have. When I finally decided how I wanted to make it (long bag with boxed corners), I had a heck of a time finding a zipper that would be long enough. I remembered that I could cut down a duvet zipper. Then it took me months before I could find a duvet zipper.

Once I found one, I finally got around to constructing the bag. I decided to quilt the two fabrics before putting in the zipper. I quilted it around the names of the cats.

I then folded the long edges in 1/4" and sandwiched the zipper tape between the layers and sewed the zipper into place. After boxing the corners, I added a handle.

It fit the swift with the bottom screw in all the way.

I also added a tab at one end.
There was still a lot of fabric left over so I made her a grab bag.

The long handle slips through the short one.
The bag is completely reversible because rather than leaving an opening in the lining for turning. I turned the bag right side out through one of the handles.
There were several inches of quilted fabric left after I trimmed the bag, so I made a flat zipper pouch. I used double folded fabric over the raw edges on each side. 
See the quilting?  I used invisible (nylon) thread on the dark side and white on the inside. I guess I could have used black thread for the quilting - oh well.

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  1. I've just bought a swift and ball winder and am thinking that a swift bag would be an excellent idea!! Is there an Internet tutorial on which you based your really perfect swift bag?