Friday, 21 October 2016

Headless Teddy

Interrupting my progress on my Lopapeysa, I started this teddy bear pattern. I didn't have the Arne and Carlos yarn but found a substitute in my vast sock yarn stash. Fairly short or random colour repeats will work better then long colour repeats.
I am using smaller needles (2.25mm) than the 2.5mm called for in the pattern so the fabric will be very sturdy and not show the fibrefill through the stocking stitch.

One requires at least two sets of dpns/circular needles (or both) or stitch holders as legs are knit separately and set aside then attached together at the crotch (I grafted them) and the remaining stitches are picked up to knit the body. At the underarms, the body is set aside and the arms are knit separately then grafted to the sides of the body, with the rest of the stitches picked up for the upper body - very much like I'll do on the lopapeysa for the yoke.

Once I got to the 'chin' some stitches are put on a holder (horizontal dpn in the photo below) and then the rest of the head is knit back and forth. The pattern doesn't really make this clear other than numbering 'Rows' rather than 'Rounds'.

I should be able to finish the head and start the muzzle in one or two more sessions. For now, it's more or less headless.
I'm looking forward to knitting sweaters for this little guy.

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