Monday, 17 October 2016

Sweater Progress

I finished the second sleeve of my Lopapeysa
and I've started the body. I used the Italian tubular cast on again. In preparation for steeking, the pattern has me purling two sts in the centre front. I will machine stitch down the outer edges of the two stitches then cut the steek open between the two purled sts - probably from the wrong side.
Once I get the body knit to the underarms. I'll graft the sleeve underarms to the sides of the body tube, then pick up the rest of the sts and begin the bottom of the patterned yoke, going up a needle size to 5.5mm at the same time.
The steek is the beginning of the round so any colour changes are done there and the ends will be secured and trimmed with the steek.

It was sock washing day today. I threw them all in a bucket with a bit of dish soap and soaked them. Then rinsed a couple of times, then threw them in the washer on the final spin cycle. The orange and grey ones on the right with sock blockers in them tend to shrink and felt a bit (Kidazzle sock yarn - 70/20/10 Merino/Mohair/Nylon). The rest seem to not want to shrink or felt at all, probably because none have alpaca in them. I noticed the purple one in the centre back is an orphan. The other is most certainly floating around my bedroom somewhere.

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