Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bankhead and Knitting Accessories

I ordered this reflective yarn online a while back. It was something I saw advertised on Facebook of all places.

It is mostly acrylic but not 'crunchy'  - rather it is very soft and surprisingly warm for a synthetic yarn. The reflective strand is plied throughout the yarn.

I made this Bankhead cap to give to Scooter for Christmas. He is a runner and this would be good for him to wear as it gets dark so early here in the winter. I have tons of yarn left so may also fashion a scarf for him.
Bankhead is a free pattern on Ravelry and it is sized for all sizes from child to XL adult. I didn't make the ribbing (ktbl, P1) as deep but did go up a needle size for the rest of the hat. This yarn was about worsted weight. There are lot of other reflective yarns available but this one seemed to have the reflective strand plied many times more per inch than any others I've seen.

Speaking of buying stuff from Facebook -  a while back I bought the 'free' knitting kit that I saw advertised.
The shipping from China was $10 but it was well worth it. It comes in a little, partitioned organizer box and contained stitch markers (coil-less, locking and closed),three kilt-pin style stitch holders, two sets of point protectors (only one is shown) three cable needles, a tape measure (not shown), yarn snips, one plastic and one metal darning needle, a locking drawstring threader, and a seam ripper.
When I removed the measuring tape, I could fit in my row counter. I paid $5 at some show or other for the row counter. This is the stock photo but shows the one I bought in my favourite colour, apple green. I found several for sale on eBay for around $1 with free shipping.
Here's the link to the 'free' knitting kit but I just checked eBay and it's about $3US with free shipping.

This accessory kit was one of the handiest things for me to have on the cruise and I would recommend it for any knitter. It took almost 6 weeks to arrive by mail but it was well worth it.

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