Friday, 4 November 2016

Next Step - Securing and Cutting the Steek

I finished knitting the yoke of my sweater last night. The neck stitches are being held on the cable until after I've cut the steek and have knit on the button bands. I'm happy with the short rows I did below the yoke on the back which has brought the back neck up over 2" than if I hadn't added the extra rows between the underarms.
There were a couple of rounds of the yoke where I was managing 3 colours and one round where I dealt with 4 colours!! I guess Icelanders don't adhere to the rule of Fair Isle knitting where a maximum of two colours are used. Again, I went up a needle size for the stranded knitting and knit it inside-out for maximum 'apogee' of the strands.

I'm deviating from the original pattern and will pick up the stitches along the steek and knit perpendicularly to the front opening rather than knitting a ribbed button band and attaching later.
Once the button bands are finished, I will go back to finishing the neck and neckband. A lot of decreasing will be in order. As it is, I switched to a smaller needle once I got above the shoulders (at the blue and yellow band) to begin tightening up the top of the yoke. I don't want it to gape when I'm done.

Since taking these photos, I've grafted one underarm. I think this will be a very spiffy sweater to wear with my 'winter uniform' - jeans and long-sleeved shirts.

I'm packing for our upcoming cruise and got lots of things checked off my to-do list today. Tomorrow I'll get packing in earnest for the last push on Sunday before we head out.

I just submitted two proposals to teach at an upcoming knitting event. Cross your fingers for me that what I am offering will be of interest to the committee.

Jen1 and Jen2 are at the Needler's Retreat this weekend. I really wish I could be there but I can't be everywhere. I really hope I can get to next year's.

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