Sunday, 22 January 2017

Finally Framed

Today, with 55% off coupon in hand, I went to the big box craft store to buy two more frames for stitched pieces that I've unearthed.

I spent the rest of the afternoon framing them and two other pieces I completed last fall.

This one was stitched in 1995. I remember buying the chart on one of the first dates I went on with my husband. On that day, he took me to a tractor show so I took him to a needlework shop.
This one was stitched in 1995. It's one of Joanne Gatenby's designs from X's and Oh's.  I had a couple of choices for framing it. This was without the mat.
This was with a double mat and no glass. I couldn't use the glass with the thickness of the mats, foam core, fabric, and backing.
I liked the look with a mat so I cut out the inner one out and was able to use the glass and the mat.
I finally got this Pastorale from Drawn Thread framed. I never did sign it so will need to write my name and date on the back of the frame.
And another from this series has been hanging in my kitchen since the summer. This is a matching frame to the one in my kitchen and the one above.
I'm trying to pick projects to take south with me.

I have this much done on the Jeannette Douglas 'Take Time to Knit" that had been buried in my office for several years.
There are some fancy stitches that I'll really need to pay attention to.

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