Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stitch Along

This year my stitching guild is doing a stitch along project - an armchair stitchery caddy that will hold tools, needles, and other sundries. I'm doing the counted project (cross stitch)

and others are doing a non-counted project.

Each meeting we get another assignment. In spite of the fact I missed the November meeting, I have kept up.

Last night at our meeting, we got to see what each had accomplished thus far. I even got a bit more stitching done on mine.
The yellow flowers don't look like much yet but once I do the outlining, they'll look nicer. I may do dark brown French knots for the centres of them. I'm also trying to decide what to do for the accents as there are dots on the pattern where one might normally place beads. However, the lines on the fabric are the cutting lines which would make the stitching lines too close to the beads when making up the finished item. I'll probably do French knots there as well.
I rather like how my 'G' initial turned out.

Some of the other letters weren't as nice like the 'S' and 'T'
so some stitchers were doing a search on other 20 x 20 letters to use instead.

I have almost all the green leaves done and will continue with the stems and the butterfly that goes on the top right of my 'G'.

We were given our next chart for the scissor pocket do I can continue with that. Hopefully I can keep up while Skip and I are away for the winter as any additional charts can be emailed to me at our southern destination.

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