Wednesday, 11 January 2017

One Moggy Mitten

I finished up this mitten and attempted to tack down the strands inside. Normally, I'd anchor the strands every 5 stitches or so but didn't want any puckering so I let them go loose.
 Since then I have discovered a way to anchor them by a technique called 'ladderback jacquard' or LBJ.
Basically you cast on stitches in the contrasting yarn every 2 or three stitches then purl them as you would double knitting between the knit stitches. You are achieving two things: anchoring the strands on the inside so fingers don't get caught, and providing a nice, doubled lining for the mitten. When I knit the second mitten, I will practice using this technique.

I have about an inch to go on the second sleeve of Skip's Riddari sweater and will start the body tonight.

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