Thursday, 5 January 2017

Second Mitt's Done!

For some reason, the thumbs took a long time to knit but I've finally finished. They were knit right side out so I really tried to keep the strands loose between needles. I elected to do the same colours on both thumbs. They still need to be blocked but I've been wearing them. It has gotten very wintery these past couple of days. No new snow and a lot of the old stuff has melted but it's been blustery and below freezing. Brrrr.
I also took care to continue the palm pattern onto the inside of the thumb. When knitting the main part of the mittens, I knit them inside out so the stranding would be at its widest, particularly when going from needle to needle.
I could have made the second mitt's chrysanthemum the same colour as the first but decided to pick another colour.

I'll try not to lose these.
Donna and Jen1 are going yarn shopping this afternoon. I'm shopping for yarn for an Icelandic sweater for Skip. Probably this pattern.
Whilst on Pinterest, I found these adorable mittens. They're based on a Twist Collective pattern, 'Moggies Mittens' by Barbara Gregory
But look at the palms!!! Squeeeeeee!!!
The other modifications are the corrugated rib cuffs with Latvian Braid.

So I'll be looking for the yarn for these as well.

Finally, I'll stock up on a bunch of washable baby yarn as friends are expecting a baby in early June. I'll have lots of time to knit that item.

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