Monday, 16 January 2017

Slow Going

I've been working away on these mittens - Moggies 2.0 - all weekend.

This time, to anchor the long floats, I did the ladderback jacquard technique which is very much like double knitting, except the purled 'inside' stitch is done every other stitch in the other colour from the previous knit stitch. From a Ravelry suggestion, I drew a vertical line every two columns on the pattern and inserted the 'inside' stitch at every line.
random paw prints
The resulting mitten is thicker as it is somewhat of a 'mitten within a mitten'. It takes a   l o n g  time to knit each one.

This is what the inside looks like. The patterns is somewhat visible as it is the negative of the right side. There is not as much detail as it is only every other stitch. No pesky strands on which to catch fingers or rings.
Where do the extra stitches come from? Simply make purl stitches in the first round using the contrasting yarn every other stitch. So you really are knitting a mitten within a mitten.
When it comes to the thumb, I had 18 outside sts and 14 inside sts. It more closely resembled double knitting on the inside and yielded quite a thick fabric.
Overall, the mitten turned out quite large but due to the double thickness, is very warm. We'll see what it is like after blocking.

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