Friday, 17 February 2017

Birding February 17 at Palo Blanco Park

Skip and I ventured out this afternoon to have a look-see at Palo Blanco Park in Laguna Vista. There is a somewhat circular path with 3 bird blinds with water features.

As we approached the first bird blind, these two lizards were basking in the sun on the cement path edges.
The one above is a spiny lizard, but I haven't figured out the species name of the one below.
At the third water feature, the female cardinal was sipping right from the hose.
The mockingbird cooled its feet off.
 We also spotted a ruby-crowned kinglet but I didn't get a photo.

As we were heading back, I spotted this white-tailed kite hovering.
We spotted one here last year when we visited.

There was one giant swallowtail and this one which was quite small - probably only about 1.5" wide. Back at the condo, I scanned the butterfly book and learned it is a Fiery Skipper.
Back in the parking lot, this lizard was lounging on the pipe along the top of the chain-link fence.
We may return with our birding group some Thursday and have another look with more pairs of eyes.

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