Saturday, 11 February 2017

February 11 Birding on the Island

Skip and I got ourselves out the door and over to the birding centre by 10:30am.

The big gator was in the pond - this time showing its head and its tail.
I love the bright yellow colour of the snowy egret's feet.
Coots have lobed feet that make them very efficient swimmers. They're quite ungainly on land, though. 
The light was right to get a good shot of the redhead who posed very nicely for me.
There are six baby gators here. This one opened its mouth to cool off in the hot sun.
We saw the green heron in a couple of places. I usually only spot it when it flies in. Here he patiently waits to snag a snack.
The sora worked the area just below the boardwalk for quite a while.
Just before we left, I spotted this butterfly and actually got a washed out shot before it flew away.
My butterfly book tells me it is a white peacock butterfly. Another one to add to my life list.

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