Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Kitty Cat Biscornu

I stitched this Kitty Cat biscornu over the last couple of days.
The original pattern had the cats all facing into the centre. I thought it made more sense to have them facing outwards.
Each one only took about an hour to stitch.
The design is 45 x 45 stitches. I used 28 count white linen fabric with two plies over two threads.
I stitched the white bits even though the fabric was white. I thought it looked better that way.
The bottom is footprints.
A footprint is visible under each corner.
Top view.
 This might be the cutest one yet.

I am having so much fun stitching these biscornus. They're quick to stitch and I'm getting the hang of stitching them together. There are so many cute patterns available for almost any subject. I still have a couple more I want to do.


  1. Your stitching is exceptional! I like to do counted cross stitch, but I've been doing mostly knitting for the needy and homeless for the last several months, for I do love to knit.