Friday, 24 February 2017

Tree Pillow Cover

I found this easy embroidery kit on Amazon.
It was pretty fun to stitch. There were several stitch patterns to practice.

This one uses the chain stitch for the orange, buttonhole stitch for the blue. The red was supposed to be backstitching but stem stitch made it stand out more. The centre was supposed to be the pinwheel stitch but I had done that on several other 'flowers' so I did some type of wagonwheel weaving stitch. It probably has a name but I don't know what it is.
The beige centre of the yellow flower is a woven pinwheel technique that I also improvised. The very centre has red double-wrapped French knots.
The blue of the smaller flower is another example of chain stitch. Inside that is the stem stitch and the orange is more stem stitch.
The blue double-wrapped French knots made a nice delineation between the pale orange chain stitch and the beige stem stitch.
The top two flowers show the pinwheel stitch in beige. The satin stitch is also featured.
The piece needs to be blocked but that will have to wait 'til I get home.
I have ordered another kit which will arrive soon in the mail.


  1. Unusual how it cuts some of the flowers in two at the edges. Is there a vogue for this design feature in the stitching world? I'm just reviewing my canvas-work threads - so long since I did any of this kind of thing. But perhaps I'll get started again?

  2. The blue dotted lines are the cutting lines so the seam lines are inside that by about a centimetre. That's why several of the outer flowers are not complete as the stitching beyond that line would be covered.