Thursday, 9 March 2017

Birding March 7 South Padre Island Birding Center

Today Skip and I went to the Birding Center in the late afternoon.

The water was still quite high.

South of the boardwalk, were several great blue herons, snowy egrets, two long-billed curlews and two oystercatchers. We've never seen them this close to the building.
There were also several marbled godwits.
Across one of the ponds we spotted an immature little blue heron.
The sora was in its usual place.
Out in the open.
We are seeing lots of swallows and spotted these two barn swallows on the top of a wire near a hydro pole.
Out on the north pond were several black-necked stilts. The light was right for these pics.

There was a cattle egret among the roseate spoonbills.
I also tried to digiscope with not great results.
In the same grouping we also spotted a male and female northern pintail ducks.
On the way back to the parking lot we always check the chain link fence surrounding the water treatment plant. Today, I spotted an eastern phoebe.
Also spotted today but not pictured were a black-bellied plover, double-crested cormorants, willets, mottled ducks, a ruddy turnstone, pied-bill grebes, and some greater yellowlegs.

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