Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Birding Blitz

This morning Skip and I headed out early to go to the naturalized woodlot on Sheepshead St. on the island. The orchard oriole was a lifer for me.
I can't not take pics of these anoles. Especially when inflating their dewlaps.
Over by the Laguna Madre east of the Convention Center, we saw a black bellied plover
and a whole bunch of black skimmers.
One of the reasons we wanted to come near sundown was to see the scissor-tailed flycatchers en masse in the mangroves by the Laguna. There are two on high branches and two part way down in the centre of the photo. The light wasn't good enough for me to get an action shot of one fly-catching.
Scarlet Colley was there filling hummingbird feeders and trimming back shrubbery. We did a Fins to Feathers boating bird trip with her several years ago. Her faithful canine companion, Rozzie, loved it when the dolphins swam near the boat.

Here's Rozzie this morning, 7 years later at the ripe old age of 13 and sporting somewhat of a Mohawk haircut. He has a female companion whose name we didn't learn.
One of the birders pointed out the least bittern to me. I have a lot of trouble seeing them even when they're pointed out to me but today it was quite exposed.

The big gator was right beside the boardwalk. This is probably the closest we could get to one and still feel safe.
Over the gazebo, are these lovely orange flowers that the butterflies seem to love. I got a quick shot of a swallowtail before it flew off.
A Texas crescent liked the white flowers.
Over at the Birding Center, marbled godwits were feeding in the first pond.
There was one red-breasted merganser
and another one flew in to join it.

The tropical buckeye really likes the blue ageratum-like flowers.
The resident green heron was working its way along the waterway beside the boardwalk allowing me to get some good shots.
The tricolour heron's bill was bright blue indicating it's ready for breeding.
On the last boardwalk, the pectoral sandpiper gave us a good view.

The teenage gator was on the little island.

Lesser Yellowlegs
In the butterfly garden by the parking lot I got a great shot of a white peacock.
After lunch, a nap (Skip), stitching by the pool (me), and some snacks, we went back to the Convention Center to try and see what was there before sundown.

The black-bellied whistling ducks were working the grassy area like chickens.
On the wast side of the Convention Center, we spotted these blue crabs in their dug-out spots by the posts.
This one was almost all blue.

At the water feature, I again saw the grey catbird.
At the end of the boardwalk, Skip spotted the least bittern out in the open.
It is normally very elusive.

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