Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Birding on a Windy Day

Skip and I went out this morning again to see what we could see. It was overcast and very windy. At the Convention Center it was pretty quiet except for the flashes of scissor-tailed flycatchers.

Out on the Laguna flats, it was low tide. The birds were laying low.

The reddish egret and snowy egret were really hunched over.
The group of cattle egrets had their heads down and many appeared to be snoozing in this relatively sheltered area.
Out from them was the lone white morph reddish egret - also quite hunched over in the wind.
On the edge of the Laguna were hundreds of black skimmers all resting and facing into the north wind.
Closer up, one can see the marbled godwits in the background, gulls on the right, terns front and centre and black skimmers on the left.
Lots of smaller shore birds run around in the foreground.
We then decided to head to the Sheepshead lot. Birders we spoke to at the Convention Centre told us there was some action there.
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Black-throated green warbler
Female summer tanager
Black-throated green warbler
Then three orchard orioles flew in.
 It was a lifer for me yesterday and a lifer for several birders who were there today.
We were happy to finally see some significant birds at Sheepshead.

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