Sunday, 23 April 2017

Many Projects on the Go

I finished the sleeves and body of Skip's Icelandic Riddari sweater and have joined them for the yoke.
There are 14 stitches under each arm that are on holders and will be grafted later. I am about to start the colour work.

My original contrast colour was red but most Icelandic sweaters are more muted
so I popped into Myrtle Station Wool yesterday and picked up some denim-coloured yarn for the contrast.
I honestly only saw red on children's sweaters when I was in Iceland.

Stitching-wise, I've been working on several projects. I'm behind on the guild stitch-along but it won't take long to get caught up. This is the cross-stitch version of the stitching armchair caddy.
I worked on this little sampler for a bit just before we left Texas with the colours I had on hand. I had to stop when I got to the point where I needed colours I was missing. I picked them up at Mary Maxim in Port Huron just before crossing back into Canada.
There really isn't too much more left to do.
I don't think I've done much more on this since I last blogged about it. I have some decisions to make about the colours of the flowers. I like the blue house and am glad I changed it from purple.
I have several other projects on my to-do list so will be working on these in a rotation to get them done.

The Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Conference is coming up the first weekend of May. The Shuttlebugs are going to be displaying clothing that would have been worn during the founding of Canada in honour of our Sesquicentennial this year. Judy Findlay spun, plied, and dyed red yarn for a coureur des bois hat and I volunteered to knit it.  I finished it this afternoon and am wet blocking it now.

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