Friday, 26 May 2017

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Tomorrow will mark the 10th anniversary of the inception of this blog. I started it  way back in 2007 just as my school-teaching career was winding down and as my renewed interest in knitting was getting into full swing.
I've learned a lot more about knitting and have improved my skills significantly.  My favourite thing about the blog is that it has chronicled my activities over the past years and has been a handy pictorial reference. I use the search feature ('SEARCH THIS BLOG' to the right) whenever I want to find a specific post or topic. Skip and I have had many adventures both knitting and non-knitting related. This public forum is not to everyone's liking but I like sharing what I've learned or what I've done with others.

I enjoy having people reference my blog or tell me that they read it. It is nice to know there are some folks out there who enjoy it. In fact, yesterday there were 173 pageviews, 5116 last month, and there have been 404,322 pageviews since it started. I do enjoy reading the comments and try to respond in short order, although I'm not sure how the person commenting knows that I've responded.

I hope I inspire folks to try new things, travel to new places, enjoy new pleasures.

I plan to keep on blogging and hope you'll keep on reading.

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