Thursday, 11 May 2017

Thickson's Woods

On Monday, it finally stopped raining and it was mostly sunny. We bundled up and went down to Thickson's Woods to do some birding. It was so cold there were not many bugs around, hence not a lot for the birds to feed on. We did, however see a few species.
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Northern Cardinal
This squirrel rested in the warm sun on a fallen tree trunk for quite a while. 

At this same location (NW corner of the woods) we spotted what we thought was a white-throated sparrow. I didn't get any shots but we later determined it was an ovenbird. That's a first for me up here although I have seen them on South Padre Island at the Convention Center.

In the meadow there were a few tree swallows.
This little pine cone was smaller than my thumb nail.
On the way back to the car, we spotted this grey catbird scuffling around some leafy debris.
Other species we spotted were red-wing blackbirds, American goldfinches, chickadees, and a white crowned sparrow.

These are the first trilliums I've seen this year. Most of the buds were still tightly furled. It's still pretty cold for them to bust out.
We need another sunny day to go birding before all the leaves are out and it's impossible to spot anything. Hopefully tomorrow.

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