Monday, 5 June 2017

Nuthatch Beanie

This weekend I whipped up the Nuthatch Ski Hat from 'Colorwork Creations'. This pattern is the main reason I bought this book. I used the stars and diamonds pattern from the Reindeer pattern in the book. The hat pattern is generic and any of the elements from the different patterns (Chickadee, Cardinal, Dragon, Reindeer, Grosbeak) can be interchanged.
I used some of the KnitPicks Palette yarn from my stash - an abandoned sweater kit as well as some black sock yarn for the facing giving the ear area a double thickness.
I haven't knit with Palette a lot but as a result of this experience, do like it for colourwork.

I used Turmeric, Delta, Heather Asphalt, White and Navy colourways.
I'm not thrilled with the look of the white patches where I had to anchor the long strands but one really can't leave extraordinarily long floats that would catch on things and distort the stitches. I have steam-blocked it but perhaps if I wet-block it, the stitches will lie more smoothly.

If I were to make this again, I'd eliminate the top band of stars and diamonds and go right to the decrease pattern for the crown. That would make it snugger to the top of my head. I'm debating on whether I should make a pompom for it.

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  1. Lovely neat colourwork - but I agree with you about the fit! I actually prefer ribbed hats as they grip the head more snugly.