Saturday, 17 June 2017

Variegated Crescent Swallowtail

I started another crescent Swallowtail shawl. This time I used Yarn Indulgences 'Indulgent Fingering' 100% Superwash Merino wool in the 'Swamp Thing' colourway.

It knit up really quickly.
Once again, the 34 row garter stitch tab prevented that strange peak in the middle of the neck.
I knit the budding lace with 4mm needles and went up to 4.5 for the rest.
Although the yarn was tonal, there was enough contrast to visually detract slightly from the impact of the lace.
It will need to be worn over a white or black shirt for the full effect. I didn't modify it except for the knitted picot bindoff where I casted on 2 and bound off 5, making sure a picot was at the bottom of a knit stitch 'column' in the border.
I could have done at least one more repeat of the budding lace before starting the Lily of the Valley chart. There were 27g of yarn left. I used slightly under 300yd of the 428 yd.  I almost ripped it back to end of the budding lace to add at least one other repeat but decided to move forward and finish it off.
Next time, I'll use a more solid yarn or at least one with less contrast.

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