Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vinyl Zipper Bag

Skip wanted a slimmer bag for his electronic accessories - similar to a smallish ziplock bag. I decided to make him one with a vinyl front so he could see the items.

It's 18cm x 18cm (7" x 7"). The binding is the same fabric as the interior fabric.
I used the companion fabric for the back, quilting around the cell phones through both fabrics with the fusible batting in between.

I rounded the bottom corners so it would slide more easily into the pocket of Skip's backpack.

From a 7.5cm (3") strip the width of the bag, I created a binding for the lower edge of the zipper so it would neatly sew onto the vinyl. After using clips to hold everything together on the top and  sides, I trimmed the vinyl flush with the bottom.
Then I sewed the binding all around to hold everything together. Bias binding would probably have worked better on the curves. I knotted a piece of nylon cord through the zipper tab to make it easier to unzip.
Now that I've made one, I can see making more of these.

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