Thursday, 6 July 2017

Finishing Ornaments

I have been watching lots of videos on how to finish cross-stitch ornaments. Some of the best ones are on YouTube, FlossTube Finishing School by The Twisted Stitcher.

I tackled three ornaments. I mounted the stitched pieces on padded cardboard and created matching backs with coordinating fabric. Once they were all glued on and together, I made cording from DMC floss and glued cording around two of the ornaments.
Flip It F47 'Friends' by Lizzie Kate

Another one is drying right now. I put ribbon all around it and will make a hanger and bow of the same ribbon when it's dry.
 The backing is the same green fabric as on the other two ornaments.
I stitched this the other night. It's from the 2016 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue and was designed by Caroline Seldon from Swallick Stitchery. I'm going to do a mounted flatfold finish so it will stand up on its own like a little easel.
Why Christmas ornaments in the summer, you say? Because I have many, many that I've finished stitching but need to make them into ornaments or frame them.

The Count Your Blessings project is going very quickly. I bought the pattern with Jen1 in London in May and the fabric in Fayetteville NY in June.
Country Cottage Needleworks "Count Your Blessings"
I just need to finish the yellow 'fruit' in the tree on the right and devise a bit of a lower border so it will look good in an 8" x 10" frame. It would also look nifty as a small, decorative pillow.

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