Monday, 10 July 2017

Flatfold Finishing

I tackled the finish for my "Waiting for Santa" sheep piece last night. This piece was 6" wide so I didn't want to make a tree ornament out of it. The flatfold finish allows it to stand up on its own on a shelf, table or mantle.
It is twice the work because one is making a back to match the front that is hinged like a bound book along the top. A piece of matching fabric joins the two pieces on the bottom that limits how far the 'book' opens.
I have it opening about 2".

I will be more careful with my gluing next time but I'm pretty happy with the result.
It's an alternative to framing or making it into a pillow.
I still need to make some cording to go around the front edges. Right now I have Wonder Clips holding the corners together until the glue really dries.
This is the tutorial video I used from the Twisted Stitcher on YouTube. It is actually for a mounted flatfold - one where the flatfold is created then the stitchery mounted on the front piece. However all the steps are the same to the end of creating the flatfold. For the written instructions only, scroll down this page. I much prefer videos.

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