Friday, 21 July 2017

Our First Eclose

This morning the pupa had still not emerged. But the wings were clearly visible through the casing.
Skip and I went out for breakfast and found this when we got home.
The wings were still a bit crumpled/ripple-y so it hadn't be out for very long. It has been exactly 10 days since it pupated and 3 weeks since I found the larva and brought it inside. The wide veining and absence of scent glands on the hind wings indicate that this is a female.
On the back right, another darkened chrysalis indicates that it will probably eclose tomorrow morning.
I'll release her in a few hours once her wings are well dried and strong enough. It does her no harm to stay in the castle until then.

Only 60+ left to go. Oh yeah, and I found 3 more eggs this morning.

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