Sunday, 13 August 2017

#12 and #15

#12 and #15 eclosed this afternoon. #13 and #14 are dark chrysalids and could emerge at any time.
I have 3 j-cats.

I think this one (#12) is a male. It's hard to get a good photo inside the castle. But I see a scent gland spot on the right hind wing.
This one was one of the two that attached themselves to the milkweed stem. I cut the stem on either side of the chrysalis and attached it to the ceiling of the castle with thread.
Just to the left of the centre j-cat is the darkened chrysalis of #13. There are about 31 more to go in there. I'll release them in a few hours after I know their wings are strong enough.
In the styrofoam cup at the bottom of this picture contains the pupa that I damaged attempting to relocate it to the castle. I tore the entire cremaster and silky threads off it. However, it has continued to develop and judging from the colour, should eclose in a day or so. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will not have any deformities. I tried to glue a hanger onto it so I could suspend it from the ceiling of the castle but the chrysalis is so slippery, I was unable to find a non-toxic adhesive that would stick to it. White glue and different types of sticky tape just slid off. I have tipped the container on its side, hoping that when it emerges, the butterfly will hang from the edge of it and the wings can unfurl and strengthen normally.

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