Saturday, 12 August 2017

#35 - #54

All those eggs I collected mid-July are pupating from the larva stage. They seem to like the corner of the castle. The four on their own at the back are ones I relocated from other places where they were hanging. I have several others in other containers.
Directly above each one, I have a piece of masking tape with the chronological number and the date it pupated. When it ecloses, I'll easily be able to see that information, and quickly be able to tell how long it was in the chrysalis.
#12 - #14 pupated on August 2 so should eclose any day now. They have started getting darker.

I have several more active big larvae. With them and the other larvae, I should be able to release over 65 adults this year. I haven't brought in any new eggs in the last 4 days so that might be it for this season.

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