Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Another 4 Chrysalids

The big caterpillars were very active yesterday in the castle. This morning, I found 4 of them in the 'j' position.

Just now I checked on them and they had all pupated and there is another 'j' cat.

These two attached themselves to the milkweed. I'll peel their silky attachments off and attach them to the ceiling of the castle later on.
These two chrysalids are the other new ones. The masking tape has the date and the pupa number and is on the outside of the castle. These two are #12 and #13 and will probably emerge in 10 days. The two on the milkweed are #14 and #15. The 'j' cat is in the background. It will transform into a chrysalis in the next few hours.
And this little guy (below the hole in the leaf) just emerged from its egg. It's 1.5mm long.

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