Saturday, 26 August 2017


Skip and I had fun during the eclipse. I made a pinhole viewer which was somewhat successful but the image was very small as the focal length was short - the depth of a Mary's Crackers box.

Skip heard somewhere that if you project the image through binoculars, there would be a good image. That was very successful. I don't know why the TV networks broadcasting the event didn't mention this easy method.

I stood with my back to the sun with the big end of the binoculars up and pointed over my shoulder and the small end downwards.

I projected the image onto the dark container that I keep deck equipment in.
The cool thing is that I could focus the binoculars to get a really sharp image. And it was a decent size, too.

We were pretty proud of ourselves that we were successfully nerdy.
We're all geeked up for the next eclipse on April 8, 2024.  We'll have our binoculars ready.

Shadow selfie...

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  1. Your shadow selfie is very cool!I'd print that one!