Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Handspun Boomerang - Part II

I got the shawl off the wires today and got some pics.
This pattern is great for handspun, random-coloured yarn, and using up yarn.
The pattern is easy to memorize. Basically you are increasing on one side every row and decreasing on the other side every row.

To give it more interest, I did a picot bindoff.
This is a closeup on the tip at the apex of the two smaller sides.
I used 5mm needles so it would be nice and drapey. Lots of modifications could be done - eyelet rows, more random purl rows, etc.
Shawls always look nicer flung upon some shrub or other.
It's finally hot here after a month of crappy weather. It will be a while before I wear this warm, woolly shawl.

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