Friday, 25 August 2017

Matchy Matchy

For our upcoming tour of Scandinavia, I've been searching all summer for a waterproof windbreaker that is a distinctive colour, big enough to allow layering underneath and long enough to cover my derrière if it rains. I finally found it at Sears for half price. BONUS!

However, I don't have any accessories that match the aqua colour so I've been trying to decide what scarf and hat to make for it.

I had knit this hat earlier this year. I like the Nordic style but didn't think the bright blue was quite right with the aqua coat colour.
I decided to re-knit it swapping the bright blue for aqua-coloured yarn that is just a shade or two darker. Not surprisingly I had it in my stash already. Fortunately, Mo provided me with the white yarn from her stash.
I found this tutorial via Pinterest on how to make a fringed scarf from woven plaid fabric. So off to Fabricland I went with my windbreaker in a bag to match the colours. This was the plaid that I came home with.
Now the pattern calls for 2 yards that you can get 2 scarves from. Being cheap thrifty, I bought one metre and will sew the two lengthwise halves together, then do the fringeing.

I also started a Nurmilintu scarf with Punta Yarns Mericash Hand Painted fingering yarn - again from my stash. I have enough to make a medium-sized asymmetric, triangular, garter stitch and lace scarf.
Once I have everything done, I'll decide what I'll actually take on the trip. Whatever gets left behind will still get worn as I use the jacket the rest of the year.

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