Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Not Surprisingly...

This is a little stitching project I've been working on.
I've had this little kit since visiting the Stitching Post with Jennifer a year ago May on the way to MDSWF.

It is stitched on perforated paper (card stock) using cross stitches, beadwork, and backstitches for the veining on the wings. The beads are the regular Mill Hill ones and Petite Mill Hill beads. The beading needle is a real pain to thread as the eye is so tiny. And, of course, I can't locate my fine wire threader.
Once all the stitching is done I will cut it out, one set of holes away from the stitching, all the way around. The kit comes with a magnet that can be glued on the back. I may just glue it onto some black felt. Now that I have the pattern, I could stitch it onto anything, either substituting floss for the beaded bits, or purchasing more beads for the project.

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