Monday, 11 September 2017

Cuddle Quilt

I make another Cuddle Quilt for Lorna's impending grandchild. This time I used the cuddle fabric on the back and bindings with the flannel tucked underneath for the front.
I tried a different technique this time. First, I cut triangles off each of the corners of the cuddle fabric making sure they were all the same size. I then folded the edge with right sides together and stitched a 1/2" seam to mitre the corners. I turned the mitres right side out and put the cuddle fabric wrong side up on the table. I then measured the size the flannel needed to be to fit inside the 'frame'. Once I cut the flannel, I tucked it inside the 'frame' and stitched down the cuddle fabric with a decorative stitch.
As this was a bigger quilt, I measured out from the centre 6" in the 4 directions and drew a square on the flannel. I then stitched this square to anchor the flannel to the cuddle fabric using a longer stitch - about 3mm. I recall.
My sewing wasn't perfect with this 'slippy' cuddle fabric but the result is a nice, snuggly quilt that measures about 36" x 36".
 I gave both it and the little quilt to the little mama.
I'm so glad I found a use for the sheepy flannel fabric and that I found cuddle fabric with stars on it to go with the background stars on the flannel.
These blankets are fun and easy to make. There are lots of YouTube videos on the topic and I watched many of them, gleaning ideas from each one of them.

Now I need to knit the baby something...

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