Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Little Nurmilintu

I knit this little scarf to go with my new windbreaker for my Scandinavian tour.
The yarn is Punta Yarns Mericash Hand Painted. It's 80% merino and 20% cashmere - light and luxurious.
I did one full course of the lace pattern and 2/3 of another before the last garter stitch swath.
I also did a picot bindoff - CO2, BO 5.
The lace pattern was very easy and made the basic garter stitch background interesting.
I had a few metres of yarn left after binding off.
It blocked out to about 56" long and 22" deep - perfect for a light wrap around my neck in the late Scandinavian summer.

Skip and I leave today for our adventure. We don't look forward to pulling an all-nighter for the transAtlantic flight and because of a stopover in Amsterdam, won't get to our hotel Copenhagen until at least 6pm their time tomorrow - noon our time. We are taking dramamine for the plane ride in hopes we'll be able to sleep or at least snooze.

I have a sock underway for the flight and many hours we'll be sitting on various modes of transportation over the next 2 weeks.

Our last pupa has been farmed out to Christine and her family to release when it emerges early next week. That will make 74 this season. Next year? Tagging!

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  1. Hope your trip went well. Copenhagen is definitely on our list to visit.