Monday, 11 September 2017

Penultimate Pupa

My second last pupa eclosed yesterday morning. I almost forgot to release her yesterday afternoon but I took the castle out onto the table on the deck, unzipped the opening and left it there for her to fly out.

A couple of hours later, I noted she hadn't flown away yet. It was getting cooler out so I put her on one of the zinnias in the sun.
I attempted a selfie with her but couldn't get her with her wings open.

I did finally catch her with her wings open, though. Just not with me in the photo.
A little while later I checked on her and she had flown away.

The last pupa will eclose next week so Christine and her family will pupa-sit while Skip and I head off on our next adventure. They'll release the last one of the season - #74 - when it's ready to go.

It has been a very successful year with the monarchs. My initial goal was to release 20. Little did I know I'd find so many larvae and eggs! Next year, I plan to tag my butterflies and will need to make a mental note to order the tags in the middle of June. In the meantime, I have turned on at least 3 families to the joys of raising monarchs and hopefully will inspire others to pursue this easy and enjoyable summer past time.

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  1. It has been such an exciting successful year here too!
    We are so thrilled that the population seems to be showing some rebound.