Sunday, 15 October 2017

Some Progress

I've been catching up on shows that were PVRd while we were away on vacation. This gives me lots of time to knit and stitch.

I continue to work on the Bryggen cross-stitch and have started the boats.
While in Bergen, at the same shop where I bought the cross-stitch kit, I ventured downstairs to the yarn shop and found this:

The Dale Garn Arne & Carlos Advent Calendar

Every day has a different ornament pattern. This is the Gingerbread man.

On the back of each page is a recipe or an alphabet to personalize the ornament.

Here's the recipe for Gingerbread - Pepperkaker.
European recipes are metric and express quantities with degrees Celsius, grams, etc. like Canadian recipes. However, unlike in Canada, liquid measurements deciliters (dl) are used. This recipe also uses teaspoons (ts). I will use my trusty Google translate app and try out this recipe.

Arne and Carlos have lots of merchandising in Scandinavia and, I assume, the rest of Europe. In a small city's wine shop I found their boxed wine with several knitting projects adorning the box.

'Cozy' wine.

I sure hope these guys are getting wealthy on all this fame.

It certainly made it fun for me, a knitter, to find knitting-themed items while on my trip.

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