Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Cuddle Quilt

We are expecting a new baby in my extended family and will be seeing the expectant parents on the weekend.

I made another cuddle quilt - this time using dimple fabric and a cute flannel print.
Once again, I used the self-mitering quilt idea. I also stitched in the ditch along the miters and a big 'x' in the middle to keep the layers from shifting.
I ripped along the weft to make sure the flannel was square before pre-washing it.  I then stitched a 1/4" hem (straight stitches) before doing the miters. After getting everything tucked in and anchored with pins, I used a decorative twig stitch to finish the edge of the flannel and anchor the dimple fabric.
So there's flannel on one side and soft, dimple fabric on the other with a flannel frame.
 Easy peasy.

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