Sunday, 12 November 2017

Lost and Found

On the trip, I lost the little ball of yarn for the cuffs, heels, and toes of these striped socks. I bought the yarn (The Cozy Knitter Bliss sock yarn in the 'Celebrate the Night' colourway) at the Knitters Frolic and threw it in my bag to knit on the trip. I remember knitting it whilst relaxing in bed one evening in Stockholm and I think the little ball of blue yarn must have rolled under the bed. I didn't notice it missing until I was on the high speed train to Oslo.
I couldn't find the entire project after I returned home and assumed I lost what I had knit, my lovely Karbonz needles, and the carefully space-dyed yarn. The other day I was doing a more-thorough-than-usual vacuuming the other day and I found the project. Yay!

I'm going to have to substitute another yarn for the toe of this sock and the cuff, heel, and toe of the next one. Possibly one close to one of the other stripe colours.  I used a FLK heel - I remembered to toss into my knitting bag the salient pages of that document as well. This type of short row heel allows for uninterruption of the striped pattern on the instep of the sock. It's not my favourite heel but it's excellent for this purpose.
I finished the second Zigzagular sock knit with the Fabel yarn I purchased in Gol, Norway.  I wish they'd had more colourways because the two balls of yarn only cost me $7.47 Canadian including VAT!
It's a lovely, soft yarn with lots of nylon for strength.
The repeats are very long in this design line so there's no point trying to knit identical twins. They should be very cozy this winter.
One of the gals from our knitting retreat told us she wears her many pairs of knitted socks on a rotation, making sure to wear each pair at least once in the winter. She then washes them and puts them away in her sock drawer for the next time. When I wash my socks, I just put them in a lingerie bag to minimize agitation and hang them on a clothes rack to dry. The only ones I have to stretch out a bit are the ones with a lot of alpaca content.

I've knit a couple more squares on my sock yarn blanket but decided instead to start the first sleeve of my Starry Night Cardigan. I only have a couple more inches to do until I can start the second sleeve. I'm really itching to start the body of the sweater and all that lovely colourwork.
I think I'm going to go with only an inch or two of positive ease so it's not too big and let a good wet blocking finish it to the exact size I want.

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