Thursday, 23 November 2017

Needleroll and More...

I am trying not to buy any more magazines unless I can get them in digital format. However, I found 2 projects in the current A Needle Pulling Thread (Issue 45)  that intrigued me.

The first was Christine Baker's coneflower appliquéd quilt on the cover. It looks like something I could certainly do and features batik fabrics.
The other intriguing project was Kim Beamish's 'Leaves Needle Roll'.

It took no time to stitch up. I used 32count linen and substituted a couple of colours for ones I didn't have. I also noted that the leaves (centre) part of the chart is rotated 90 degrees from the needleroll in the photo. I made my own adjustments.
What a quick and satisfying little project! I liked that there were some pulled threads and buttonhole stitching with perle cotton. I whip-stitched the piece into a tube.
After weaving the ribbon through the open threads, I packed it tightly with fibrefill. It's SO cute!!!
I will be looking for more fun and easy projects like this to take south with me.

I also started another punch needle project. I'm using No. 12 perle cotton that I happened to have on hand and discovered I could thread my needle and stitch right from the ball. This made the punching so much faster since I didn't have to stop and re-thread frequently.
Once again, I traced a pattern onto the fabric with a permanent fine point pen. I got a lot more than this done last night before I went to bed. I suspect I'll get it finished today and then pop it into a frame.

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