Monday, 4 December 2017

I Thought This Only Happened in Movies

My sister's first husband and father of her children, Jaime, was up from Mexico visiting their daughters and and families this summer. It was a pretty long visit but Skip and I never got to SW Ontario to visit the family at all because I had many monarch larvae to feed and no one to look after them during our absence.

About a month ago during an exchange of Facebook Messages my sister, Valerie, mentioned she was working on some paperwork and anticipating a return visit from Jaime. When I enquired further, she informed me that they were remarrying - pronto. It was a BIG surprise for me because I had no inkling that this was even being considered as they'd been divorced for 40 years, and I'd not seen them interact in the summer.

So this weekend, Skip and I attended the remarriage of Valerie and Jaime at the home of their elder daughter, Tay. They have a lovely, spacious, new house which accommodated all of us comfortably.

The Mexico relatives didn't come up (the wedding couple's son, wife, and their three children) but all of the Canadian family except one of their grandchildren who is away at college were able to attend.

Here was the lovely couple exactly 50.5 years ago. The civil ceremony had taken place a month before. The traditional Mexican church wedding took place on May 4, 1967.
And here they were on Saturday.
Their two daughters stood up for them and acted as witnesses.

We took the opportunity to take a family photo afterwards.
Although it's taking us a while to get used to the idea of Valerie and Jaime being together again, we are happy that they are happy.

And it's always nice getting together with family.

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  1. What an incredible story, Geri! How lovely for them to find love again after all this time.