Thursday, 14 December 2017


I wanted to knit the Veronika Cardigan by Shannon Cook the moment I saw it. I had 6 balls of Patons Classic Wool in my stash in the right colour so I bought and downloaded the pattern and jumped right in.
I started with 5mm needles but frogged and switched to 5.5mm to get the gauge. I then blocked the finished item to size.

The only seaming (which I don't mind doing at all) is on the ribbed on the sides.
The pattern is interesting. You start on the bottom of the right front with 3.5" of ribbing, then begin the 4 row pattern. The shawl collar is knit as you go with increases starting about 8" up from the bottom. Then increases are made for the back and knitting continues across the back. Then stitches are bound off to knit down the left front with the shawl collar decreases before the ribbing finishes that side.

Then stitches are picked up along the stitches at the bottom of the back for the ribbing. Once that is done, simply sew the sides up along the ribbing only.

The sweater is nice and 'drapey' and looks great as is or with a shawl pin closing the front. Beware, though -- the armholes are exactly at the right height to catch on doorknobs!

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  1. I am working on this pattern and I am loving it but I have had to frog it because I think I am doing the collar shaping (increases) wrong. Everything is robbing and I am still robbing buy it is not looking like the ribbing. m I do something wrong?