Wednesday, 15 August 2018

After the Demolition

The tub/shower area has been demolished. There was some evidence of mouse habitation but it isn't an active situation.
It turns out there was nothing under that mysterious step up to the tub. Since this photo, the new, white tub has been installed and the blueboard is ready for the tiling to begin.
Only the outline of the vanity remains. The two shutoffs in the floor have been moved to the wall so holes won't need to be cut in the bottom of the vanity.
The opening for the newer medicine cabinet will be taller than this one and there will be a new LED light fixture.
On the contractor's suggestion, I have purchased accent tile for the shower which should look very spiffy. As I'm leaving tomorrow for Twist, I believe I have made all the decisions I need to for the next couple of days.

When I get back, I'll need to paint the walls in preparation for the installation of the vanity. I'm hoping the countertop comes in soon.

Another Road Trip to a Festival

Tomorrow Jen1, Barb, their friend, Poppy, and I are hitting the road towards the Twist Festival in Saint-André-Avellin, Québec - about an hour ENE of Ottawa.

We've heard about this festival for several years and have been planning to check it out for ourselves since the early spring.

Road trips with friends are always fun.
The plan is to drive to Ottawa and do some yarn shopping tomorrow and spend the night. Then Friday, we'll press on to Saint-André-Avellin and have a sneak peak at the festival as it is open from noon until 5pm. Saturday is a class day and shopping day at the Festival, with a leisurely drive back home on Sunday.


I have lots of dishcloth cotton (worsted) in my stash, dating from my previous gig as a knitting instructor for a luxury cruise line. I liked to have some on hand to give to the ladies who were just learning how to knit but weren't quite ready for the pattern the cruise line provided. When the cruise line decided to discontinue the knitting program for most of the cruises, I was left with a stockpile of cotton yarn.

I'm between major knitting projects right now so I found a dishcloth pattern that was fun and somewhat challenging.  Vortex was such a pattern. There are several iterations of it, including directions for making it blanket sized.

By doing the colour sequencing differently, it can really look like a swirl. (Photo copied from Ravelry)

I may try that method sometime.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of ratty, faded dishcloths to get rid of to make room for some new ones.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Bathroom Reno II - Part I

I took some before pictures yesterday before the bathroom renovation started. Back in the 80s it must have been fashionable to have garishly coloured fixtures. This white sink was a replacement for a celery green one that had almost rusted through. We are reusing the faucet as it is only a year old.
We had a framed poster with these colours in it as well as a shower curtain and valance curtain.

Behold the celery green tub and tiles. We're glad to be getting rid of the aluminum-framed shower doors.
The celery green toilet was replaced with a 6L one when we first moved into the house over 20 years ago. We wondered what was behind the step up to the tub
Countertops from that era were also quite low. The new one will be 3" higher which will make shaving easier for Skip.
This medicine cabinet will be junked and replaced by another one that will go with the new espresso vanity and mirror frame. It will fit nicely between the studs but just be a bit taller.
I'll get a new blind for the window after all the trim painting is done.
And after demolition...

The guys (contractors) picked up a bathtub today only to find it dented when they opened the box up at the house. Back it went for a non-dented replacement.

I am saving some $$$ by reusing all the tub and shower fixtures - positemp faucet, flexi hose shower head, and spout as well as the newer faucet from the basin and the perfectly-functioning toilet. Instead I blew a wad on the glass shower doors. A shower curtain would have sufficed but the decision is made and I know it will look very nice.

Stay tuned...

Pulling More Thread

I started another pulled thread project using 32 count antique white linen and #12 Ecru perle floss from my stash.

It's a Whitework Stitch Along (SAL) from 2015 that I found online. The original has 18 pulled thread squares framing a whitework centrepiece.
For now, I'm going to do 16 squares arranged in a 4 x 4 square which I'll then frame in a square 10" x 10" frame.

I couldn't wait to finish the 16 Four-Sided Stitch frames before starting in on some of the stitch patterns in the squares.

I first stitched pattern #10 - What I call Algerian Star Flowers.
Then #15 - Satin Stitch lattice
I may repeat some of my favourite squares from the Biscornu Bleu project making sure they are centred properly as each interior has 24 threads (12 squares) and the previous one had 28 interior threads (14 squares). Pinterest might also have some stitching ideas.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Le Biscornu Bleu

I finished stitching up the blue 15-sided, pulled thread biscornu.
I'm on the hunt for appropriate buttons or charms.

If I do another one (and I have another one in mind), I'll do it on lighter fabric.

There's my favourite square again.
The top.
 The bottom.
 I have found another pulled thread tutorial using smaller squares. It could be done as a 3 x 5 sampler or a 15-sided biscornu. I'll see what I have in my stash.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Biscornu Update

I got all the pulled thread squares done.

On Friday, I spent a good portion of the day out on the deck sewing the squares together. It would have gone more quickly but I'm adding a bead every other edge stitch.
First, I sewed the 5 top squares together, then began the side squares.
This was my favourite square.
The top and sides are all done.
There it is again.
I have stitched the bottom squares together and am now attaching them to the side squares. Before stitching the last side, I'll stuff it with fibrefill, then sew the last side closed. That's what I love about stitching these biscornus; once the sides are closed up you're done - except for adding buttons on the top and bottom.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Almost Identical Twins

I just realized I never posted the finished socks that I was working on during our Scandinavian trip last fall.

You may or may not recall that I misplaced the coordinating blue yarn used for the cuffs, heels and toes while I was in Stockholm. When I got home, I found some somewhat similar yarn in my stash and finished up the pair.

The stripes and toes are identical but the cuffs (that most people won't see) and the heels aren't quite.
The yarn was Bliss sock yarn in the Celebrate the Night colourway by The Cosy Knitter - yarn purchased at last year's Knitter's Frolic. They were a simple K3, P1 ribbed pattern. So as to not interrupt the stripe pattern on the instep, I used a Fish Lips Kiss (FLK) heel - a type of short row heel.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Three More Project Bags

After getting inspired with Shelley and Sue last week I made three more project bags for my own projects.

I already had this one cut out and ready to stitch.
These were fabrics and zippers from my stash.

New Ironing Board Cover

Two years ago, I replaced the cover on my little, craft ironing board. Since then I have managed to scorch it and iron fusible interfacing onto it instead of the intended fabric, rendering the cover unusable. In the meantime, I covered it with a tea towel and kept on ironing.
I bought the fabric to replace it about a month ago from a clearance bin.
It's actually from the same colourway as the previous fabric.

Yesterday I finally took the time to make a new cover.
Hopefully I won't wreck it this time.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Another Fun Day Trip

Yesterday, Jen1, Barb, Marilyn and I ventured to Picton for the Women's Institute Arts and Crafts Show. It was the third time Jen1, Barb and I had been to PEC since late May. Jen1 is enjoying the camera on her new iPhone 8 Plus.
Here's our selfie. I really need to carry my selfie stick more often so I can get better group shots without us having to squish together.
There were a couple of hundred vendors of everything crafty - stained glass, clothing, mustards, rug hooking materials and kits, jewelry, handmade cards, bags and purses, maple products, etc. etc.

We then went for lunch downtown, then poked around a couple of stores. At Rose Haven Yarn Shop we got a good look at Bun-Bun, the resident angora rabbit. Last time we were there, he was behind the cash register and we thought he was a stuffed animal until he moved.
I also espied this cute, rug-hooked, sheep coaster. I'm sure I could replicate it when I get my hands on an Oxford rug punching needle.
We saved the book store for the next visit.

It's always fun to have a girls' getaway, especially with my crafty peeps.


The last larva pupated yesterday - #22. Now we have pupae eclosing on a daily basis.

4 eclosed and were released yesterday. When I went to bed last night there were 3 dark pupae so I knew there'd be more eclosing this morning.

Sure enough, one had just emerged when I got up and after running an errand, two more had eclosed.

I've put them outside with the doors to the castles held open so they can fly away when their wings are strong enough and they decide to be free. Although there is cloud cover today, I have them under the deck umbrella so they don't get blasted by whatever sun we do get.
There are three other dark pupae. They may emerge today but generally they emerge in the morning.

We are up to 13 adults so far. A little more than halfway done for this season. There was a mishap with the masking tape IDs and I've been too busy to hang around to see if the recent adults have been male or female.
With no more larvae to feed, it's just a matter of waiting for the last ones to eclose and be released.