Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sweet Memories

Skip was clearing some stuff from the bulletin board in his office and came across this business card.
Here's the back.
It dates from July 1995 when he and I were first a couple and going out on interesting dates. We still go on neat adventures but this was one of the earliest ones that was kind of quirky.

Skip was raised on a poultry farm in the greater Stouffville area and has an affection for tractors. Somehow he heard about this Great Canadian Antique Tractor Field Day and persuaded me to attend with him. It was one of the hottest days of the summer but we ventured forth. We had a very nice time wandering amid the antique tractors. This day was a Cockshutt (brand of tractor) annual meet up so there were tons of the red tractors on display. It was my first time attending anything like this and it was fun to see how excited Skip got when he heard the tractor engines start up.

As we were already in Milton, I thought we could whip up to Acton, to a stitchery store I knew about, called The Needle Gnome. It was Skip's first time at a stitchery shop, too.

I remember exactly the pattern I purchased - A Cross-stitcher's Poem - which I stitched up and then put away for about 20 years. I unearthed it last year and finally framed it.
Sadly, the Agricultural Museum is no more and the Needle Gnome is no longer a bricks and mortar business. But we did have lots of fun exploring them back then and have nice memories that, to this day, are very sweet.

And we still have pretty great adventures together.

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