Tuesday, 6 February 2018

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I finished the second sleeve of my Starry Nights sweater

in the car on the way down to TX.
Sleeve #1
I cast on for the body and have completed the first chart of colourwork. The colour above is more accurate.
Between the stitch markers are the 9 steek stitches. There will be lots of yarn ends but once the steek is secured and cut open, all the ends can be trimmed off and won't even need to be woven in.
The waist shaping is built into the pattern. I'm now starting chart 2 for the 'Starry Night' border.
There will be a lot of plain stocking stitch up to the underarms once the colorwork on the bottom is done but the lovely Karbonz circular helps make things really move along smoothly.

My goal is to finish this sweater before the next retreat in November so I can buy the kit for the sweater on the cover of Janine Bajus' book, 'The Joy of Color'.
She clearly loves the colour blue, as do I. The shades of maize/yellow/brown go so nicely with the denim colours.

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