Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Better Pics

I took the sweater outside for some pics in the shade this morning.

This is the grafted underarm.
Here's the other one waiting to be grafted.
This is the edge of the front after steeking.
The yellow crocheted stitches have grabbed half of the centre stitch of the steek and half of the stitch beside it. With that, the sweater will not unravel sideways nor up and down. It's also fairly elastic.
I decided to err on caution and have ordered a ball of the lime yarn.
It is used for the first i-cord edge up the fronts and around the neck.
c. Janine Bajus
Then a second, wider i-cord is knit on top of the lime one, leaving gaps for button holes.

My concern about the gaping neck was allayed with a Ravelry friend messaging me that there were additional instructions in the pattern on the subject. Sure enough, buried in the instructions for the i-cord edging was one sentence about doing k2togs a few times across the back of the neck. Thank you, Robin for the 'heads up'!

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