Monday, 12 February 2018

Olympic Knitting

Or should I say, knitting whilst watching the Olympics on TV.

I have been working away on the Starry Night cardigan. I have completed the waist decreases and then then increases and now just have to knit straight to the underarms. Then I'll put the sleeves and the body on the needles and start the yoke. The markers up the front helped me keep track of where my decreases and increases were, where my steek stitches are, and the double stitch markers on each side show the centre of the sides. This will be important when I centre the sleeves.
The vertical lines are the 9-stitch steek. I will reinforce each side of the middle column and cut right up the centre once I'm done all the knitting. All the colour changes occur right at the centre, hence the 'jog'. This will not be visible once the piece has been 'cardiganized'.
I keep measuring every few rounds...
Only one more inch to go before I start the yoke.
The colour isn't that great as it has been so overcast and gloomy here. Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer out.

Once the steek has been cut, I will pick up stitches up one side, around the neck and down the other side and create one column of i-cord in the lime colour. Then another column of i-cord is added in the lighter blue with buttonholes between the two columns.
c. Janine Bajus
I am using Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift colours that are named in the pattern as alternatives to the Elemental Effects Shetland Fingering.

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