Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Random Stuff in South Texas

Of the 11 winters we've spent in the southern US, this will be the 8th we've spent on South Padre Island in south Texas. On the mainland before we cross the bridge/causeway, is the town of Port Isabel. We noted the lighthouse has been repainted since last year. It is open for visitors and it is possible to climb the stairs to the top for the panoramic view of the area.
The 'deicer' windshield washer liquid only goes to 0 degrees F or -17C.
HEB is our favourite grocery store here. It is a Texan company that also has stores in Oklahoma and Mexico.  They pride themselves on their local produce. Green peppers are usually 3 for a dollar and a head of lettuce is $0.98.
6 limes for $1.
We stopped in at one of our favourite restaurants for lunch after our shopping trip.

We are in the heart of gun-toting country. It is legal to carry concealed weapons here with the appropriate licence.

 On Skip's walk this morning, he spotted this bumper sticker on a pickup truck from Arkansas.
Captain Roy's is one of our favourite restaurants on the island. They have excellent fish tacos and mexican food.
 We went birding yesterday at the Birding and Nature Center on the island. I didn't have my good camera with me so these were taken with Skip's iPhone.
Blue-wing teal and a moorhen
Green heron
We always have to take a birding photo on the boardwalk with the Birding and Nature Centre in the background.

Other birds we spotted yesterday were:

  • long-billed curlew
  • mottled ducks
  • spotted sandpiper
  • great blue herons
  • moorhen (common gallinule)
  • coots
  • willets
  • white ibis
  • reddish egrets
  • tricolour heron
  • belted kingfisher
  • redhead ducks
  • black skimmers
  • double-crested cormorants
  • widgeons
  • pied-bill grebes
  • roseate spoonbills
  • snowy egret
  • brown pelicans
  • green heron
Today it is foggy as the temperature has dropped with the cold front that came through.
Gulf Boulevard in the mist

It is currently 16C - down from 26C yesterday. It will be intermittently rainy until after the weekend. Normally we would go birding with our group, the Bay Area Birders, tomorrow but it's supposed to rain. We're going instead to the little cinema on the island tomorrow and see the '3 Billboards' movie with Frances McDormand.

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