Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Starting the Yoke

I finally got the counts right and got the sleeves attached to the body last night. I'm knitting 8 rows of the blue until I do some short rows at the tops of the sleeves.
31 stitches on the sleeve underarm are on slippery waste yarn as are the corresponding underarm stitches from the body. They will be grafted together once the yoke is finished.
The tedious stocking stitch was great to knit whilst watching Olympics. Once the short rows are done, the colourwork will begin and I'll have to really pay attention.

There are lots of parts to knitting this sweater but none of them are difficult. I just plug away. I really like working with the Jamieson's Spindrift yarn. It's a bit scratchy but will soften with a bit of hair conditioner in the water when I wet block it.

Speaking of Fair Isle... I just saw this lovely, stranded, triangular shawl on Facebook.
It's the Oland shawl on Ravelry. Wouldn't that be an amazing blanket? The shawl is knit as a cone with steeks that are cut open to created the triangle. Like this:
To knit a blanket, one would just need to knit it as a tube with steeks and cut it open, much like the Rams and Yowes blanket. Determining the correct yarn amounts might be a bit tricky but it still would be really fun to knit.

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