Monday, 26 February 2018

The Steek is Cut!

I bit the bullet tonight and reinforced the stitches on either side of the centre stitch of the steek.

As there are no contrasting stitches on the solid colour part, I ran a contrasting yarn up the centre of the centre stitch of the steek.

Then following the aforementioned video tutorial, I single crocheted up one side, crocheting into the left side of the stitch beside the centre stitch and the right side of the centre stitch. This really locks them together so nothing will unravel horizontally or vertically. The pink yarn is visible up the centre.
 The crocheted stitches look like knit stitches but are actually horizontal through the two stitch halves.
And all the way up through the colourwork on the yoke.
Then I turned it around and did the crochet stitches down the other side of the centre stitch. Now it was ready to cut.

With one side of the centre stitch anchored to its neighbour on the left and the other side to its neighbour on the right, the bars in the centre of the centre stitch are clearly visible and are ready for snipping.
Snip, snip, snip! Easy peasy.
The light is crappy in the condo so I'll post better pics tomorrow. I do have my OTT light with me but it's only good for illuminating small areas.

Also pictured above are my new folding Fiskars scissors. I found them at the grocery store (HEB) and they only cost $3.67 (US). I have at least 4 pairs of scissors with me but I couldn't pass up a good deal.

I decided to order another ball of the lime yarn to do the i-cord edge along the fronts and neck. It should arrive in a few days from Schoolhouse Press. Man, is it ever cheaper to ship stuff within the US than within Canada. In the meantime, I'll decide if I need to make the neck smaller and tidy up all the loose ends. Most can be just snipped off at the steek. I have grafted one underarm and will do the other. I'll also get a set of 3.25mm dpns to make my knitting my i-cord easier than using a circular needle.

I like the look of the sweater on me so far. I really like the weight of it as it's mostly a single thickness of the 2-ply Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift. I'm itching to do another project with this yarn.

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